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The Crows of After,
a Collection of Horrors

Set in a classic style haunted house inhabited by dolls, fear and other strange things, this poetry collection accompanied by full-colour art explores the self and a series of childhood horrors in an entwining of lyricism, dark fantasy and disturbing imagery.

Released May 13th, 2022

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Who are we, and why are we on This Planet?

Specimen SandWitch Press is a home for the things in life that are strange, unusual and experimental. Our focus is on publishing art and poetry that falls into the realms of horror, fantasy, and science fiction, and especially the things that stick out a little at the edges.


The Founders

Exsanguine Hart is a poet and a doodler with a headstrong belief in dragons and a growing collection of dolls. Hart's favourite type of sandwich is orange marmelade on toast. Find Exsanguine on IG @exsanguine_hart

Luscinia Kay is a scribbler and a daydreamer who spends more time in the clouds than on Earth. Luscinia has a fondness for ice cream sandwiches.

Together, we are storytellers and artists and creators, trying to figure out the world we live in through the one universal medium: art. Together, we are creating an outlet, a voice, a society for Things That Don’t Make Sense. Together we attempt to conquer and define escapism, all things imaginative, and the universe. Together, we are Specimen SandWitch Press.

Cat Content

Check back for more soon!

Because cats are a necessity of life.

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