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We are currently closed for submissions. If you would like to be notified of the next submission period, please sign up for our mailing list at the bottom of the page

In the meantime, follow us on Instagram @specimensandwitch to learn all about Quentin, an ordinary person with a fondness for limericks and a fear of deadlines (for good reason)...

We accept simultaneous submissions. If your work is accepted elsewhere, congratulations! Please send us a quick message to retract your submission.

What We're Looking For

We accept speculative poetry, visual poetry and art with a focus on experimentation.

Each issue of the SSWP ezine has a different theme, so make sure to check the theme for the issue you are submitting to. We will do our best to provide feedback on your work, but be prepared to wait one to three months for a reply.


Poets that we like are E. E. Cummings, Linda Addison, and Christina Sng.
Artists that we like are Camille Rose Garcia, Stephen Gammell, and Junji Ito.
We're open to all styles of visual art. Surprise us!


We do not accept reprints, erotica, short stories, or sexist/racist/LGBTQ+phobic works.


Payment: We pay $3 CAD per accepted piece (via Interac e-Transaction). Contributors will recieve an electronic copy of the zine.

We request First World Electronic Rights, exclusive for a 90 day period following publication, after which the rights revert back to you.


If your work is later published elsewhere, please credit as
first published in Panic & Picnics (Issue No.), year.

Submission Guidelines


Submit a PDF file of two to six (2-6) poems, all forms accepted. Please ensure your submissions are all edited and polished. If words are misspelled it should be on purpose. The primary languages should be English or French, though you may include words or phrases in other languages as well.

Poems must be less than 20 lines and in 12pt Times New Roman font.
The cover page of your doc or docx file must contain your name and the titles of your poems. Your name should not appear anywhere else in the document.


Art and Visual Poetry

Must be a PNG or JPEG with a minimum 300 ppi resolution.
Our preferred size ratio is 3:4

Visual Poetry and Art can be selected either for the interior or for the cover of the ezine.

Send your submissions to

The subject line of your submission should read as follows:

Genre - (Genre 2) - Issue no. - Your Name.

Please include a short bio in the body of your email, as well as the title(s) of your submission(s)

By submitting you confirm that all work is your own and that you are not infringing on copyright.

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